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The Funniest Joke In Church And Religious History

After being a pastor for over ten years, I have heard an unlimited number of corny jokes. Below is without a doubt the funniest religion joke and one of the funniest jokes I have heard anywhere.

You can do me a big favor by sharing the link to this article. At the end of the article are some resources that look at the funny, and not so funny, side of faith. And now, the joke:

One day a rescue boat pulls up to what they think is an abandoned island. They are greeted by a single castaway. Behind the startled survivor are three huts.

The boat's captain says, 'Hi, we are here to rescue you.'

'Great, let me get my things,' the man replies, quickly picking up a battered satchel. 'Ok, I'm ready.'

Puzzled, the captain asks, 'Are you here alone?'

'Oh yes, I have been by myself the whole time.'

'Then why are there three huts behind you?'

'Simple, that hut is where I live, and that hut is where I go to church.'

'And the third hut?' the captain asked.

'Oh that, pfffft, that is where I used to go to church!'

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of satirical and humorous outlets in the religious arena that are quality productions.

For some thirty years one of the best sources was the Wittenburg Door Magazine (yes, the correct spelling is Wittenberg, but the editors chose to misspell the word on purpose). Named after the famed door Martin Luther nailed his thesis to, the Door Magazine used humor to prod change within established religion, as well as poke fun at the many misguided spiritual pursuits people engage in. You can find some used copies of the now out of print magazine at Mac’s Back Books in Cleveland.

Next in line is Ship of Fools, though some might find their material offensive. However, they have many clever pieces worth checking out.

Thanks again for reading this article. Be sure to pass it along, especially to religious people who may take themselves too seriously. And always remember to laugh much.

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