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The Funk Hunters found it in Victoria BC

A Funk Hunter Party
A Funk Hunter Party
Trina McDonald

There is something about that crunchy wobble bass that my generation cannot get enough of, and the Funk Hunters brought plenty of it with them to the Phillips Backyard Weekender in Victoria, BC this past weekend. Each time the soul robbing vocals and blistering horn solos were interrupted by that low ripping bass it was if they had found and preceded to skillfully command a secret zone of pleasure in the crowd's brains, this is exactly the moment when things would get a little bit crazy on the dance floor.

The Funk Hunters have fast become West Coast and World-wide festival favourites, and this is no surprise. The technologically savvy duo have found a magic formula, bringing together a host of talented musicians, and backing them up with the grinding electronic sound system music that fun kids love to dance to, and even a live AV show to dazzle them. Never mind that they looked like a bunch of hilarious pranksters just having a party, they were truly world class musicians and performers. The guest sax, trumpet and vocals were a killer combination for keeping the crowd feeling sassy. Add to that some old school rapping, a live drum kit, crunchy synth and some serious technological wizardry and you have a recipe for a really fun dance party. With arms waving in the air it was as though the audience truly felt that they and the band were all in this hunt for the funk together.

There are still a number of opportunities to check them out this summer in both Canada and the US. Just go the their website for more info: