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The full bush on display in NYC

Shocker alert. New York City based retailer, American Apparel, has gone au-naturale with their latest window display.

New Yorkers walking by were hit smack in the face with on bige hairy surprise. The two mannequins in the window wearing white shear lingerie in anticipation for Valentine's Day were not shocking in their choice of apparel, but rather in their "unkempt" pubic areas. Both mannequins are overgrown with unruly pubic hair.

See photo here at The Daily Beast

Sure, the unshaved look is absolutely the natural state of things for humans, and many men are just wild for the full bush, but did AA overdo it?

I suppose a neglected lawn is just as extreme as the 'bare as a baby's bottom' look the mannequins usually display, but unless American Apparel adds out-of-control armpit hair and furry legs to their female mannequins, we can safely assume that they sought to shock shoppers, and succeeded, and weren't necessarily advocating for the natural woman.

Somehow, the lingerie just fades into the background as one stares, soon forgotten as it becomes obvious that someone has stolen ZZ Top's beards. Either that or AA is taking the Duck Dynasty look south of the border and to a place where even A&E fears to tread for their conservative viewers.

On the plus side, the next display window down is having a sale on hedge clippers.

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