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The fruits of the railroading labors

Here  are  men  doing  trackwork.
Here are men doing trackwork.
John Cowgill

Labor Day was a day established by Congress to give a day off for the American worker, and it was established to be on the first Monday in September. Many Americans will have this day off, but many will be working on this day. Among those will be those who work on the railroad. For those who are traveling by train, think of those who make your trip possible. Without them, nobody would be going anywhere. You have those who drive the trains to those who work on the tracks to those who man the communications to those who are in your car making sure you are well taken care of.
There is not one worker on the railroad who does their labor in vain. If one component is missing, the trains cannot run. If the trains cannot run, passengers and freight does not move. It takes the labors of many workers to move just one train.
The next time you ride a train or just see a train go by take the time to remember the many workers who made the movement of the train possible. May this Labor Day honor all those who keep the trains moving on the rails.

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