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The Frugal Horse

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In the horse industry every penny can either count or be one of many in your pocket. Horse lovers come from all types of bank account status's. No matter how heavy your wallet or purse is, it helps to be frugal.

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Enjoy these Frugal Horse Ideas!

FREE HAY! - Get it while it is hot in Lafayette Hill

Cheap Local Hay

Horse Coupons:

  1. EQUIDAE Horse feed coupon - $5.00 off

  2. Purina Feed Coupons - various amounts

  3. Horse Health Products coupons – various amounts

Horse Contest:

Triple Crown Cute Foal Contest

Horse Scholarships:

  1. NEDA Scholarship – Rewards $1-4k in 5 categories for exceptional commitment and excellence in Dressage

  2. Foundation scholarship – Rewards $500-25k for leadership , academic achievement, need and AQHA involvement

  3. IHSA scholarship - $500-$10k for intercollegiate team members or applicant's

The economy may be different from when you first purchased your horse(s). The change in it and other life changes may have you in dire straits. Please don't starve your horses in an effort to keep them.

A list of horse rescues that takes horses in need.