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The Front Lawn at 57 State Street is now a Parking Lot

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.
They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

As of today, students are parking on the front lawn that Bob Webster promised to repair and reseed.

But Bob Webster lied. He didn’t repair the damage he did and he didn’t reseed that portion of the front lawn.

So today, the students just tossed the seven stones aside (that Webster put there to separate lawn and driveway) and they parked a minivan on the front lawn.

It’s a clear violation of the Village Code, but no one in the village government seems to care.

You would think that the Code Enforcement Officer would have notified the Brockport Police Department that excavating the front lawn was a code violation and that the excavated portion of the front lawn is not part of the driveway, so please ticket anyone who parks there.

But that does not seem to have been done, so the police are caught between a rock and a hard place. It now looks like part of the driveway, so what are they to do without instructions from the Code Enforcement Officer?

One Brockport resident describes the situation this way:

Possession is 9/10 of the law. The Websters have no intention of putting all the dirt back on the slope and around the foundation and reseeding.

That is a new parking lot and it will work very nicely throughout the winter. With snow covering it, we will all forget what happened and it will remain.

They will make about $4800 per car per 9 months - $38,400 - (there seem to be about 8 cars on a regular basis) because that is most likely how many people they have in that house.

It’s kind of like when they filled in the porch and made a mini apartment in the SW corner of that same house years ago.

They make up their mind and the neighborhood just has to suffer. Look across the street at 19 and 23 Park; Websters owned 23 years ago and turned it into a double and that was the beginning of the fall of that block.

Too bad for the families close by. The value of their houses have taken a hit.

What is the use of electing a pro village government when they won’t do anything to stop gross code violations in the building right next to the Village Hall?

Brockport residents praised Mayor Margay Blackman for getting rid of Scott Zarnsdorf as the Code Enforcement Officer, because Scott never seemed to enforce the code.

Margay replaced Scott with David Miller, and the situation went from bad to worse. Scott never stood up to the slumlords, but at least he was a nice guy.

From my personal experience with David Miller, he’s an angry hothead who won’t listen when concerned residents ask questions.

Some Brockport residents have suggested that the problem goes deeper than Miller, because they think Miller is getting his marching orders from the Mayor and the Village Board.

But from my personal one-on-one conversations with David Miller, the Mayor and one Trustee, that does not seem to be the case.

The mayor has taken a hands-off approach to the Code Enforcement Department and Miller seems to be calling the shots himself.

Miller has told me directly that he will not issue an appearance ticket to Bob Webster for the code violations at 57 State Street, because, “The Websters have always done what I’ve asked them to do.”


Back on July 26th, David Miller told me, that he told Bob Webster to fix the driveway at 57 State Street and return it to the way it was, and that Bob Webster had told him he would do it.

Bob Webster dug out that section of the front lawn at 27 State Street on July 22nd, and he has done nothing to repair the damage that Miller says Webster promised to fix.

When is going to dawn on David Miller that Bob Webster is never going to repair that damage?

When is it going to dawn on David Miller that the only way to get Bob Webster to comply is to issue an appearance ticket and take him to court?

Sure, some people say that the Sweden Town Court will do nothing, as they have so often in the past.

But if you don’t issue an appearance ticket and create a paper trail that documents Bob Webster’s illegal behavior, you won’t have any evidence that a prosecutor can use when the Village Court starts operation in January.

At the same time, when is it going to dawn on Mayor Margay Blackman that it is her responsibility to ensure that David Miller is actually enforcing the Village Code?

It is the Mayor’s responsibility to make sure that David Miller is doing something else besides issuing 73 nasty letters to village residents since he became Brockport’s new Code Enforcement Officer.

All she has to do is tell Miller that he has to be more forceful with the slumlords, and that is perfectly appropriate to issue an appearance ticket to Bob Webster for the continuing code violations on the driveway at 57 State Street.

Does she have the moxie to do it?

Only time will tell.

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