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The Freshpet initiative for healthy and strong pets

Freshpet is making a difference in the lives of Gus's new pets, want to see if they can do the same for yours?
Freshpet is making a difference in the lives of Gus's new pets, want to see if they can do the same for yours?

When the news was alive with news of the 2014 Winter Olympics, one particular set of headlines concentrated not so much about the athletic ability of Gus Kenworthy as it did about his charitable spirit toward the stray dogs that he fell in love with and planned to rescue once he skied himself to a silver medal. The world was in a constant state of wait to see what would come next for Kenworthy and his new furry friends.

One company in particular wanted to ensure the success of the puppies growing big and strong and so they offered to step in with some much appreciated help. Freshpet had a single mission to help the young skier with his new pets. They also have a single-minded mission to bring the power of their fresh, real food to your pets.

Freshpet is a producer of fresh dog and cat food. This organization is committed to doing whatever possible for pets and the people that love them in addition to the planet we all inhabit.

That is the reason that this company’s recipes are made in the USA; prepared in the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Freshpet Kitchens using only fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Then they provide their food to specialty stores and even many large retail organizations like Target.

Because they care, Freshpet wants your pets and you to learn the power of their product. In order to get the word out, they have begun their Fresh Start initiative – with coupon incentives to download in addition to progress trackers for pet parents to use as they watch their furry friends transform.

If that is not enough of an incentive, Freshpet is sweetening the deal further. For all participants that sign up, they will donate a meal to the Humane Society International!

Freshpet became even more gung-ho once they helped Gus Kenworthy with the mother dog and her litter of pups. In addition to supplying Gus and his new family with unlimited Freshpet food and treats, they also provided him with Whistle Activity Monitors to help him keep track of the pack as they grew into healthy and strong dogs. (See Gus and family’s journey on

According to Gus, “Mama and her pups were living off of scraps that people would bring as they lived on the streets. It’s amazing to see how much their health has improved in just a few, short months. I really started to notice a difference when I switched them over to Freshpet. They are so excited to eat and have so much energy now. I can’t even get a snack out of the fridge for myself without them standing there in front of the fridge hoping for more!”

In addition to the Sochi pups joining the new Freshpet Fresh Start program, so can your pets. You will be encouraged to see the power of fresh once you incorporate this fresh, all-natural food into your pet’s diet! Freshpet believes feeding fresh can make all the difference at any age – shinier coats, increased energy, and improved digestion are just a few of the positive health changes one can expect.

Freshpet is making it easy for all pet parents to give their dogs and cats a Fresh Start. Simply visit to receive a coupon, downloadable scorecard to track your pet’s health improvements over time, and helpful tips from Dr. Katy Nelson, veterinary nutrition expert. Since Freshpet believes every pet deserves fresh, for each Fresh Start participant they will donate a fresh meal to the Humane Society International.

“Every day we hear amazing stories from pet parents about how feeding fresh has drastically improved, and sometimes even saved, their pet’s life,” says Courtney Groome, Freshpet Director of Marketing. “The Fresh Start program invites others to give fresh a try and see the real differences it can make to your pet’s health both inside and out.”

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