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'The Freshman Class: Santa Cruz' roots for 'Gabe’s Final'

The Freshman Class: Santa Cruz are all sophomores now. Congratulations!
The Freshman Class: Santa Cruz are all sophomores now. Congratulations!
"Photo courtesy of Cooking Channel, used with permission."

On tonight’s Cooking Channel episode of "The Freshman Class: Santa Cruz," viewers have been experiencing the four key members of the class of the Cabrillo College Culinary Arts and Hospitality program on this season finale episode titled “Gabe’s Final.”

As the episode begins, with just one week left in the semester, Matt is experiencing symptoms of his disease returning, and he is quite concerned, as he tells Amalia about his fears.

Gabe is talking to another student named Dinesh and tells him that he must go to court the same day as his final. They are checking to see if he has violated his probation since being released from jail. He knows he has done nothing wrong, but the anxiety is very stressful for him.

As Amalia meets with the academic adviser, who tells her not to take too many classes, she realizes that by doing that, she can spend more time with her kids, but take longer to graduate.

Matt calls his doctor and she tells him that he should start chemotherapy called remission maintenance.

Kim goes to meet with a graduate of Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition, to get the lowdown on the classes she wants to take. The woman tells her that it was certainly worth the money to attend Bowman, and learn the nutritional value of foods. She is a personal chef and makes from $25 to $40 an hour. With more people wanting to eat healthy, the need will be there for more chefs like her.

When Matt walks into school, Amalia and Kim are there. He just started taking the pills and knows they will be making him sick, and he must take them every day for two years.

At home, Amalia is discussing with her family, what she should do the next semester. She wants to take the maximum amount of classes, but that will include three very late nights. It has been rough for her husband working and taking care of the kids, but he seems to be in approval; unlike Kim’s husband.

Today is the day of the Restaurant Lab final, but Gabe has to go to court first. It went alright this time, but Gabe must do his 20 hours of community service and pay his fines.

At the final exam, they are all busy attempting to answer each question correctly, as Gabe is noticing that half of the test was not on the study sheet he received. After the written part of the test is over, they must show knife skills, and each seemed to do just fine, but Matt’s speed was slower because of his symptoms. The grades will not be completed until the next day, to add to the anticipation, but Gabe got a compliment from Chef Eric for his knife skills.

As Amalia talks with her mother, about the mother guilt, she gives her daughter the encouragement to plod on with her plan. At school, Amalia is registering for her next semester classes, as Kim sits with her. She is adamant about completing her studies and getting her degree, but still has the guilt that she is neglecting her family.

Matt comes in to see Chef Eric, who told him that he winds up with 81%, or a B for the class. Amalia received an A, Kim also received an A and Gabe received a C, which gave him a passing grade. Although he started off on the wrong foot, by missing classes, he truly showed how much he learned as the class was ending.

The next day, as Kim met with her husband. they talked about how much she wanted to go to Bowman. He told her that he was proud of her, and saw just how much she wanted to do this, what a great job she did, and if this is the missing piece she needs, he is all for it.

As several of the students met at a local restaurant, they celebrated, Gabe, Amalia and Matt were all proud of their accomplishments in their first year at Cabrillo College. Their future seems very bright, and fans wish nothing but the best for them, as maybe their names will be in lights, or they may even have a cooking show of their own, thanks to the head start they received on "The Freshman Class: Santa Cruz."

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