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'The Freshman Class: Santa Cruz' experiences 'Matt’s Binge'

Amalia from The Freshman Class: Santa Cruz
"Photo courtesy of Cooking Channel, used with permission."

On Sunday night’s Cooking Channel episode of "The Freshman Class: Santa Cruz," viewers have been experiencing the four key members of the class of the Cabrillo College Culinary Arts and Hospitality program on this episode titled “Matt’s Binge.”

As the episode begins, Matt’s illness is recalled, stating that he may have only about eight years to live, provided he avoids stress and stays healthy.

Amalia is getting her kids and herself ready for school when she finds out that her daughter’s play and her wine class conflict. As her daughter half-heartedly lets her off the hook, she has the usual mother guilt about missing her children’s important events.

In Restaurant Lab, Gabe is there as Chef Eric reminds them to clean up their stations. Amalia and Matt have become good friends, as she questions him if he took a break today. He appreciates her being a mother figure to him.

Chef Eric reminds Gabe that he has two labs to make up, that is thirteen hours he must add to his already busy schedule.

After class, a few of the students meet for a few drinks to unwind. Amalia is worried because Matt had a few more than two. As the women worry and try to stop Matt, he insists on his binging and continues on.

The next morning, he roommate Conor and him have a talk. Matt confesses that he drank too much the night before, Conor is also worried about Matt and his illness.

The next day, in the wine class, Chef Sue gives them the information about the different wines and their taste, pronunciation and what to look for in each wine. Amalia received an A for the last class, and getting an A in this class shows that one truly earned it. Matt received a D, and is barely passing the class. When Amalia goes to Chef Sue to tell her about her daughter’s play the next week, she tells her how important it is to be in class. When Chef Sue called Matt in to speak with him about his grade, she mentioned that his social life may be the cause of his bad grade.

The following week, when Chef Sue takes the roll, Amalia is absent. She is at her daughter’s play and just could not miss it. She knows that she is missing out on hours of information that will benefit her, but she is a mother and loves her children more.

Gabe arrives to meet with Chef Hector, who agreed to mentor him and help him succeed. Hector has been a wonderful mentor and father-figure to Gabe, and given him the inspiration to do well.

Amalia gave Matt a mother-son type talk, and she wants him to succeed and overcome his drinking and get back on track. The evening of the wine class practical exam has arrived. They will be tasting one wine and must know its qualities, if it is Old World or New World, cold weather or hot weather and plus or minus three years, what the year is. Amalia is now sorry she missed the last class. The following week, when the exam marks were handed out, Amalia received a 50 out of 100, Kim received a B, Matt received a D, and he felt he should have studied harder.

What are the next speed bumps facing the "The Freshman Class: Santa Cruz," on the road to their future?

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