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'The Freshman Class: Santa Cruz' experiences 'Kim’s Turn'

On last night’s Cooking Channel episode of "The Freshman Class: Santa Cruz," viewers follow the four key members of the class of the Cabrillo College Culinary Arts and Hospitality program; Amalia, Gabe, Jim and Kim.

The Freshman Class: Santa Cruz made Kim the Head Chef
Cooking Channel

As the episode begins, the events of last week recall the marks the four received for their participation in a wedding reception. As the Restaurant Lab Class begins, before the roll is called, Chef Eric Carter advises them that if they miss two classes, the will not pass the class. Gabriel is absent because he and his girlfriend had an argument and she walked out, leaving him with his son and unable to attend class. As Chef Carter advises, the restaurant is open to the public and after two days, they will hit the ground running. Chef Hector Quiroz teaches them knife skills, and identifies each knife for its purpose. Restaurant lingo is also explained. Amalia is assigned dining room prep and salad service. Kim is assigned head chef, who will pull the tickets from the printer and responsible for keeping control and organization of the kitchen.

Later that day, Gabriel came to meet with Chef Carter who explained how vital his attendance was, and if he missed another class, he would not pass. He pointed out a website that contained all the first day lecture notes and advised him to make up the class.

When Kim arrived home, she told Steve how she was appointed head chef for the class. She is not used to giving orders and Steve acted like it was no big deal and asked if she needed help delegating.

In Catering Class, Chef Slater took the roll and Jim was not there. Jim was across town applying for a job as a catering manager at a restaurant & catering business. Kelly, the owner interviewed him and wanted someone who knew as much as her or more. She put him in the kitchen to see how he can prove his skills. He was hired and now wants to prove Chef Slater wrong.

Kim came to meet with Chef Carter to let him know how she needed his guidance. He gave her encouragement, but she still lacked confidence. The next day, Gabe’s car broke down and he had to call Chef Carter to tell him he would miss the day’s class. It is Kim’s first day and she is nervous, when he heard that Gabe would be missing, she was very annoyed at him. When the orders started piling up, she was told by Chef Carter to be more authoritative. Soon, she was getting the hang of it and enjoyed her position. When Gabriel returned to see Chef Carter, who told him that he was walking a thin line.

Kim was telling Steve how well she did, Steve did not give her any encouragement. He told her she did not know what it takes to get ahead and if she was going to be 70 years-old when she finally comes into her own as a chef.

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