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'The Freshman Class: Santa Cruz' experiences 'Kim’s Change'

The Freshman Class: Santa Cruz experienced Kim's change
"Photo courtesy of Cooking Channel, used with permission."

On last night’s Cooking Channel episode of "The Freshman Class: Santa Cruz," viewers have been experiencing the four key members of the class of the Cabrillo College Culinary Arts and Hospitality program on this episode titled “Kim’s Change.”

As the episode begins, Restaurant Lab begins with Chef Eric shouting out orders to the troops. Kim is listening to his advice not to cook certain things unless they are to order. Things that sit in a steam table are subject to drying out. Two hours later, Chef Eric tells Gabe that it is his turn next week to be head chef; his last chance to prove himself. Chef Hector, his mentor, gives him a checklist to help him prepare for his day in the sun. Kim really wants to learn all she can, and found another college in Santa Cruz that offers more nutrition classes, but it is a private school and much more expensive. When she explains this to her husband, Steve, he is livid and tells her to find the extra $17,000 to take this course of action. He is not in her corner this time and reminds her that she has been taking courses throughout their entire marriage and nothing ever came of it. Their relationship is now heading towards a breaking point.

Matheus is at a therapist’s office, Amalia has helped him make this choice, and is now following through. She advises him to take advantage of the natural anti-depressants in the body by making small goals.

The next day, Gabe is head chef. His must prove himself and Chef Eric warns them that there is a long line of people outside. Gabe is having a good day and seems to be in his element, a nice confidence booster for him.

The next day in the catering class, Chef Sue reminds them that the final is next week. She will be observing them, but cannot help them. It will be held for about forty people. They will be graded on their performance, so service is utmost as she hands out the assignments.

Later at Matt’s house, he is practicing making short ribs so he can show Chef Sue exactly what he can do. Before class, Kim stops in to see Chef Sue. She would like a reference from her, and tells her she wants to attend Bowman College to learn about the nutritional side of her craft, not only the traditional one. Chef Sue agrees it is a good way to go. When Kim told her about her husband’s attitude, she told her to stick to her guns and follow her dream. She does love her husband, and wants him to be in agreement with her.

Later, Gabe is on his way to see Chef Eric to get his grade for the class and he received an A for his head chef assignment and now feels that Chef Eric has more confidence in him and his decision to pursue this career path.

The next day, Chef Sue announces that her job is over, and wishes the class good luck on their practical for the Catering Class. Gabe was assigned the grill, Amalia had desserts, Kim’s was the front of the house and Matt’s was the short ribs. When he realized that he put the ribs on the oven floor instead of a rack, he discovered his error and corrected it before it was a disaster. She tasted them, before they were served, and she would have liked a bit more of a wine taste, but they were good. Her poker face did not let on as to how they did yet.

When the individuals came in for their evaluation, Chef Sue gave Amalia an A. Gabe received a B, and he was thrilled. Kim received an A, and Matt received a B, and Sue was very pleased to see him go from a student to a chef despite his challenges.

As the "The Freshman Class: Santa Cruz," passed the one course with flying colors, what lies ahead will be seen on next week’s season finale.

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