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'The Freshman Class: Santa Cruz' anticipates 'Gabe’s Test'

Gabriel is having problems on The Freshman Class: Santa Cruz
Cooking Channel

On last night’s Cooking Channel season premiere episode of "The Freshman Class: Santa Cruz," viewers were introduced to the four key members of the class of the Cabrillo College Culinary Arts and Hospitality program on this episode titled “Gabe’s Test.”

As the class begins, Jim has left the school, the four featured chefs are; Amalia, Gabe, Kim and Matheus, who viewers met last week. Matheus has a life-threatening illness, but despite his challenges, wants to be a chef more than anything.

Gabe arrives at school and admits he missed two classes in Restaurant Lab because of his family life. Chef Carter has a study guide for the midterm, which will start next week. The two-part test includes a written test and one where students must display knife skills.

Kim goes to visit Chef Sue to find out about her options in the real world. She discovers that she will be making about $10 an hour for starters after graduation, and she suggests she intern at a restaurant while going to school to give her a better chance of knowing the business.

Matt is working at the restaurant under the tutelage of his mentor, Evan the executive chef. His manager knows about his illness, but the chef does not and has his druthers about Matt’s intentions. Matt will have to come clean with him and let him know how sick he really is, and clear the air about his missed time there.

The written midterm begins, as Chef Carter announces that during the test, he will pull people aside to test their knife skills, a class Gabe missed. As the written part ends, it is Gabe’s turn to show his knife skills, but they are not up to par, and he fears that his time at Cabrillo is in jeopardy.

At Kim’s house, she and her husband are discussing what she spoke to Chef Sue about. Steve allays her fears about making a decent salary, but she wants to prove herself. She admitted to him that earlier in their marriage; she felt that he did not treat her well, and if she could have left, she would have. She was surprised that he accepted her stand as well as he did, and wants to see her succeed.

When the marks were given for the tests, Gabe received a 68, and is in fear of failing the class.

Kim is interviewing at Shadow-Brook Restaurant for an internship by Chef Anthony Kresge, who asked her what her expectations were after she graduated. She explained that she knew a diploma is not enough to put her in an executive chef position, but she wanted to learn all she could. After bringing her into the kitchen, she was given a task to make mushroom ragout with a sous chef to help her. He never gave her a tour of the kitchen, and having not been there before she was frustrated. He did not taste her food, but told her that she had to keep her area clean as she is cooking, but never complimented her. She feels that he is ex-military, and she does not feel that she wants to work there.

Gabe had to meet with Chef Eric about his midterm, who tells him that he is failing. He explains that he does not believe he is anything lower than a B student. If he does not bring his grade up to a C, he will fail the class. Now Gabe knows that he needs help, but does not know where to find it.

As Kim is ready to leave class, h cell phone rings, it is Chef Anthony from Shadow-Brook offering her an internship. She tells him right then, that she does not feel that it is the correct fit for her. When he asked if she would like to follow up at a later time, she said no.

At the Harborside, Matheus got a few minutes to sit with Chef Evan, who is very understanding and tells him not to worry about his job.

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