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The Freeway Revival returning to NC for Blind Tiger and Loe's Brewing events

The Freeway Revival—the amazingly-talented group from Asheville, NC—will be returning back to NC, March 20 and 21, for two, back-to-back appearances at The Blind Tiger, in Greensboro and at Loe’s Brewing Company, in Granite Falls.

The Freeway Revival returning to NC for Blind Tiger and Loe's Brewing events
The Freeway Revival/with permission from Jonathan Clayton

TFR’s back-to-back appearances will promise to offer quite a variety for music fans and beer connoisseurs, alike—as in—a pretty sweet deal for the Hickory/Granite Falls music and beer-lovers, as Loe’s Brewing Company has proven to be one of the best, newest microbreweries, around, with great food, great spirits and great venue acoustics, as stated via the local buzz; and a pretty sweet deal for Greensboro music-lovers, considering The Blind Tiger’s reputation for great live music—two great places to see TFR, along The I-40 Music Scene of NC!

As for the group, TFR is made up of twin brothers, Adam and Jonathan Clayton, who are musically accompanied by Joey Lee. Together, this group continues to throw down an amazing repertoire of music, which entails—what they refer to as—“Rock/All Classic American Music,” (Clayton, 2014), as a major part of their on-going tour!

To gain a true appreciation for TFR’s amazing talent, you can visit their respective Facebook and/or Reverb-Nation sites, for their music and current tour dates. In any case, be sure to mark these TFR appearances on your concert calendars, as these dignified musicians continue to revive the music scene along America’s freeways—no telling when they may be back to the area.

Stay tuned for more TFR and other updates on Charlotte’s Music Scene via!