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The Frankenstein Complex, Natural Beauty and Self-Esteem

Photo-shopping, air-brushing, digital imaging-made up images from different parts/fragmented images of various people’s body has negatively impacted girls, boys, teens, men and women of today’s culture and society. These images of “PERFECT” “IDEALIZED” bodies are lying to us and some of us idolize these images by engaging in dangerous/harmful practices to look like these “types” and hurt our self-esteem, confidence and love of self. False advertisement! We’re doing patch work with our bodies and images just for the sport and vanity of it. Thus, creating monsters with psychological and emotional issues. Frankenstein dealt with issues of rejection; isolation; couldn’t bear looking at himself; angry; resentment; anger and vengeance on humanity and the scientist who created him. Found supporting articles: Check out these articles as well on airbrushing skin: And:

Frankenstein image
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There are terrible (bogus) websites and Facebook pages about “health” and “weight loss” that advertises altered/false photos of Dr. Oz and fragmented pictures of Oprah Winfrey-using her face with less weight and a skinny body and you can clearly see that the advertisers used her altered face on someone else’s body-creating false claims that promote/market ‘health & diet supplements’ that could be harmful to our health. It’s called infringement! This shouldn’t be allowed. This is an example of what this article is about. Unfortunately, many follow these sites and articles and fall as prey to these predators’ alluring and seductive tactics to sell. Here’s more:

The images effect female’s self-esteem by planting seeds (thoughts and false belief) about their natural beauty or weight sizes and because the predators know how powerful images and media influence society, they capitalize and exploit others for self-gain-not concerned about the emotional and psychological wellness of others. A picture is worth a thousand words... No matter how much we alter our exteriors/external image/body, it will not give peace, love and genuine self-worth that-stemming from outward appearance. It comes from within!

Many of these false images, media influence and some in the beauty industry has influenced others negatively by causing people to live in a constant state of competition and comparison against others they deem perfect and flawless. As a result, there is a rise in eating disorders, self-mutilation and low self-esteem and self-worth. In the past, you’ve never heard as much news about bullying, suicide and self-mutilation as we do today. Below is more info and statistics on this subject.

Thankfully, today, girls and ladies are learning to love their natural beauty with all of their flaws and imperfections but there is still work to do and it would be of justice for beauticians and other beauty and health professionals to reinforce “self-love” and “self-care” and encourage natural beauty. Thankful for the evolution and emergence of natural beauty products and images of all various sizes of women and men, and of women and men who wear bear skin (none or less make-up) and natural hair, nails and original body (without multiple plastic surgeries). Below are additional studies on this topic and more.

Frankenstein Movie Preview:

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