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The Frank Sinatra with a big heart few knew

The press through the years have written thousands of words about Frank Sinatra...some of it true...and much of it unflattering. Here are a few about the Sinatra with a big heart.

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When a musician friend's house was destroyed and his wife was killed in a Los Angeles mud slide. Sinatra personally came to his aid, finding the musician a new home, paying whatever hospital bills were left unpaid by the insurance, then personally supervising the furnishing of the new home down to the replacing of the silverware, the linen, the purchase of new clothing.

There are many, many other stories of Frank helping people in need. Most never knew, for example, where that $5000 check that arrived shortly after a personal tragedy came from. Sent by Frank after seeing a newspaper or tv report of their problem.

Cary Grant was quoted as saying that he knew of no other performer who was as generous to those in need as Frank Sinatra.

In addition to helping those in need Frank took great pleasure in giving gifts to his close friends...this is an excerpt from a Gay Talese's Esquire article; "Frank Sinatra does things personally. At Christmas time, he will personally pick dozens of presents for his close friends and family, remembering the type of jewelry they like, their favorite colors, the sizes of their shirts and dresses. (Note: Jimmy Van Heusen's Christmas present in 1980 when I worked with him was a fancy sports car....Jimmy switched it for a Buick sedan!).

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