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The Fractional Laser Resurfacing is Undoubtedly the Best

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Nobody wants to look old in the present day socio-economic ambience. But the high level of ultraviolet rays in the sun rays due to the ozone layer depletion, high amount of pollutants in the environment due to unabated industrialization and high quantum of stress in the works as well as in relations are causing the aging of the skin even prematurely at the age of 30 years, not to talk of persons beyond that. Our skin is equipped to fight the environment to much extent with the help of the collagens and elastins which are present in the dermis which is the middle layer of our skin. But beyond some limit the fiber starts breaking causing the appearance of lines and wrinkles giving a look of an aged person so hated by all.

Causes of skin aging and treatments

  • Loss of collagens which causes wrinkles and skin flabbiness
  • Environmental effects cause dryness, pigments and skin coarseness
  • The cosmetics try to supply moisture to the skin and chemicals for enhancing the production of collagens. But not very effective in treating lines and wrinkles.
  • The new laser resurfacing methods remove the dead skin cells as well as rejuvenate the growth of new skin cells.
  • The laser resurfacing method also penetrates deep into the dermis thus helps in promoting the production of collagens which helps in tightening the skin and plump the wrinkles.

Laser resurfacing technology

But the science has provided you with a brilliant solution which gives you quick and reliable long time cure of the maladies. This is done with the help of laser beams which is a non surgical method of treating the skin conditions. The conventional cosmetics try to make the skin glow and rejuvenate by encouraging the production of collagens. But the results are not very encouraging as the creams are unable to penetrate deep into the dermis layer of the skin. The laser beams on the other hand is able to reach the dermis and help in the production of the collagen. It also removes all the dead skins as well as pigments of the skin surface.

Fractional Laser Resurfacing

The primary mode of laser treatment began with the CO2 laser beams which used hard beams of laser rays. Though the recovery from the skin issues was excellent but there were some drawbacks which made it apprehensive to the patients. One reason of this is its long and difficult healing process. This was due to the fact that the flat and strong laser beams used to treat the whole surface of the facial skin damaging the skin which were unaffected by the skin issues. So the healing process required growth of new skin cells from the hair follicles as well as the sweat glands which is a long process. Secondly it damaged the pigments cells of your skins causing whitening of the skin which may appear even after a lapse of six months after the treatment.

This problem has been overcome by fractional laser resurfacing technique such as Fraxel machine. In this machine the laser beam is broken up into small beams so that smaller areas of the skin can be focused. So by this methodology it is possible to avoid treating the areas which are unaffected by the skin issues.

The benefits

  • Healing time is less
  • Better collagen production due to deep penetration into dermis layer
  • No hypo-pigmentation
  • Much improved removal of wrinkles, pigments and lines
  • Improved skin tightening.