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The Four Seasons Hotel and Residences' Grand Opening Gala with OneRepublic

OneRepublic band member, Brent Kutzle, plays a carbon fiber cello during the performance.
OneRepublic band member, Brent Kutzle, plays a carbon fiber cello during the performance.
Lori Guinn

The Four Seasons Hotel and Residences in downtown Denver hosted an extravagant grand opening event last Saturday night. The party took over two entire floors and the pool deck as well as the presidential suite on the 16th floor. Attendees reached an impressive total of 1,300. The theme was clearly “entertainment at its finest” as the hotel dazzled its guests with theme rooms, delicious cuisine, music and Cirque du Soleil-type diversions.

I began my grand opening adventure by making my way upstairs to the second floor where I found myself in the Willy Wonka room. I proceeded directly to the lush strawberries on display that simply begged to be dipped in the white chocolate fountains flowing in shades of fantasy purple and M&M green. Eventually I noticed the tables covered in nostalgic candy such as Mary Janes, candy buttons and the huge all-day suckers I was never allowed to eat as a child. Not wanting to spoil the delicious dinner I knew was waiting, I ducked out after only a strawberry, to save the rest for later.

In the hallway, I came across actors on stilts and in costume, sometimes serving hors d’oeuvres and sometimes just smiling a hello. Just outside the main ballroom, various stations of food catered by the Four Seasons were arranged for sampling. I ate scallops in a mouth-watering licorice sauce and rice and sun-dried tomatoes in pesto. Down the hall, a cowboy-themed room served up “grub” and an open bar offered chocolate martinis along with bottled waters and anything else a person could dream up.

The main ballroom was nearly deserted at the beginning of the evening since most of the action was elsewhere. Because of this, I had the chance to admire the décor without many distractions. The overall décor of the Four Seasons is chic and modern with a bit of understated glam. The ballroom’s lighting is gorgeously made up in square chandeliers that reminded me of various Trump properties I’ve had the privilege of reviewing. While some hotels translate modern into curves in their interior spaces, the Four Seasons embraces and repeats a linear pattern in both furnishings and fixtures.

Within an hour of my arrival, the main ballroom was packed for the big event—a concert by OneRepublic, a local band who is now famous world-wide. The band was enthusiastically introduced by the Four Seasons General Manager, Thierry Kennel. I had a stunning view of the performance from my prime location leaning against the low stage--Guitarist Drew Brown played about six inches away. The band did not disappoint—they rocked to the delight of the packed room. At one point, lead singer Ryan Tedder made his way into the audience, lending an even more personal feel to the show. At the end of the playlist and after my favorite song, “All the Right Moves,” Drummer Eddie Fisher handed me a drumstick. It was the perfect ending to, as Public Relations Director Dana Berry aptly called it, “a spectacular night.”

For more information on the beautiful, new Four Seasons Hotel and Residences, please visit their website.

Examiner’s Note: My appreciation goes out to Dana Berry of the Four Seasons Denver and Terri Hickey of the Four Seasons Chicago for their generous help.


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