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The Four P's to God's Best & A Great Future

The Four P's to A Great Future & God's Best
The Four P's to A Great Future & God's Best

Remember when you were younger, when you made plans with your friends to get together. You guys would plan to go to the movies, to the mall, to some place fun that other kids your age would be at. You figured out what you would wear, where you would meet, the time and the place and envisioned how much fun you would have. Then, you realized uh-oh you probably would need a ride, or would need to ask to borrow the car, or would be leaving the house and probably need to ask your parents if you can even go. “Right?” Right. Yet, how many of your plans were ruined or stifled because you forgot to ask your parents first? Many plans. Then, you would have to go and call your friends and tell them, “I can’t go.” As a young person you desperately wished you were older, more independent and probably could not wait to get out of the house to make your own decisions. All that planning and daydreaming gone to waste.

As we get older we still plan, but sometimes planning without asking God can be a waste. How many of you have planned and planned only to have your plans fail or come up short somewhere along the way? Joyce Meyer had a great quote on twitter:

We don’t need to make a plan and then pray for God to make our plan work. We need to pray first and see if God’s got a plan. Joyce Meyer

You see as youth, we started to realize along the way in order for us to get out of the house and do great things or do fun things we would have to ask. Or we would miss out, get grounded or lose out on something very important to us. As believers, we should consider asking God before we make our plans. Or they might not work out the best way.

If many of you are like myself, you want God’s best for your life. You want to be in God’s will. But, you may always plan, plan and plan some more without asking God. It is very important to pray before you even plan. Pray for God to direct you. It is better to pray and follow God without a plan, than to plan and go without a prayer. Seek God for your direction. As the Israelites in the wilderness were unaware of how to get to the Promised Land, God sent a pillar of fire to direct them in the wilderness. They were aware of God’s presence along the whole way. If you pray, God is with you even if you don't have a plan.

I have Four P’s for you to remember when asking for God’s best and planning your future. Because at the end of the day, it is not all about what you want, but more about what God wants for you. I know that I want God’s best for my life, so I will be sure to follow these steps:

1) Pray – Pray for God’s direction.

2) Plan – It is always good to plan, but make sure you leave space for God to move and direct you.

3) Prepare – If we are seeking God’s best for our life, sometimes we have to prepare ourselves for the next step or next level of faith.

4) Purpose - "For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. “ Jeremiah 29:11

Ultimately, God has a purpose for our life. He will use us to accomplish his purpose, only if we allow him. God will chase after us, until this purpose is accomplished. I would rather, follow God’s purpose right off than to be led astray.

It is okay to pray for your desires, but make sure you pray for God's will above all else. If you can remember these Four P’s (in this order) you will always have God’s best and be in God’s will. Pray, Plan, Prepare & Purpose. You will have nothing to worry about.

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