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The Four L's that fill our life with meaning

Sunset in Dixie
Sunset in Dixie
Sherryl Craig, Nauvoo AL 2014

It seems that every day we are constantly seeking to find some type of purpose and meaning in our lives. We want more than just the daily grind or the same dull routines. We look for more meaning in our daily activities and we look for more excitement than just the same old walk in the park or the same corny movies.

What we sometimes don't realize is that those old walks, in the park and corny movies are memories that one day will mean more to us than we could ever imagine.

Our lives are very special, each and every one. We are all created in a unique and special way and for a very important purpose.

Our spiritual life is also extremely important because it keeps us connected to God and to our energy path, our life path, and to the other important souls we need to connect with along the way.

As spiritual being's experiencing the opportunity to live as a human, we have this empowering connection to the universe, to the electrical energy that radiates through the universe, and to the vibrational frequencies that make up the sum of “total” existence.

Life will be tough, it will be easy, it will be filled with many ups and down's because we know that there are two sides to everything.

We're told that in order to live a life that is fulfilling and happy we should look for certain things that we “all” want to know or experience. We should look for the things that will give our lives meaning, give us pleasure, give us hope.

The following are just four of the millions of amazing things we can hold dear that will help us to give life more meaning. These four cover a gamete of many.

Live – Each moment, each breath is more precious that the one before. We should make every one count. So live to the fullest and give back so that others are blessed as much as you are.

Love – Love as if there in no tomorrow. Give love, receive love, and share love with as many as you can. Love is the one true thing that we all need.

Laugh – Laughter is healing for the heart, the mind, and the body. We should be able to laugh at the good, the bad, and even laugh at ourselves. Laughter is the tickle that warms the heart and soul so tickle yourself as often as possible.

Linger – Linger and breath in all that you have been rewarded with whether it is good or bad. All those things are part of who we are. Stop for just that one moment and reflect back on the magic your life has been touch by. Give thanks and be faithful.

We need to be able to see these experiences as light lessons, lessons of the spirit, along the journey of life and be filled with a heart as light as air and a spirit as free as a bird.

That's life.

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