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The Fountain Coffee Room at the Beverly Hills Hotel: The Coffeeshop Where Time Takes A Holiday

The glam entrance
The glam entrance

The counter at the Fountain Coffee Room
Beverly Hills Hotel, One of the Dorchester Collection

Down a flight of stairs and you’re there.  Smack in front of a piece of history.  The Fountain Coffee Room at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  Designed by architect Paul Williams in the late 1940’s and renovated to its near original condition in 1995, complete with the Don Loper designed banana leaf wallpaper (available for purchase at the Pacific Design Center), it’s centerpiece is the undulating circular counter that runs the length of the tiny, nineteen seat coffeeshop.

Jam packed with celebrities, socialites and high-powered businesspeople, the Fountain Coffee Room is a fun scene to behold.

Though the original wrought iron bistro chairs are now bolted to the ground and the formica counter is a newer more industrial material, the Fountain Coffee Room still maintains it’s unique charm.  It had to. 

It’s a home away from home to it’s very loyal customers, some of whom have literally grown up there. When Nancy Jacobs was sixteen, she sang at the hotel. Later, she was married at the hotel and now goes for a meal there virtually every day. Her preference? The Belgian Waffles. And, why do they keep coming? “You never have to ask here. It just appears,” says Madison Goritsan, who started coming there with his family when he was a little boy.

And appear it does.  When a regular takes a place at the counter, the staff already their favorites waiting for them (ruffle like chips, blue cheese bread (ask for it grilled) are some of the special items). For these people, the Fountain Coffee Room is not just a coffee shop; it’s a way of life.

But enough about the regulars, let’s talk food! The menu has a lovely selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner comfort foods. The produce is organic, selected from the Farmer’s Market.  The meats are cut and prepared at the Hotel’s on site Butcher Shop. There is a “fit and healthy” section with a selection of no fat, healthier items. Even the delicious French fries have no trans fat.

The portions are large.  And the desserts are made on site.  Try the Mary J. Blige pie, a whip cream, banana and caramel concoction made from Mary J’s own recipe. The coffee is Trinidad. Velvety smooth and rich tasting. Any items from the Polo Lounge menu can be delivered to you within minutes (McCarthy salad anyone?).

In fact, they will make you anything you want and then ask you if you liked it. At the Fountain Coffee Room the staff cares about you (and your meal). Blink and your food appears. It's that fast. So, it’s easy to slip in and out, satiated. The perfect bit of peace and downtime in between a busy day.

Go to the Fountain Coffee Room, and no doubt, you too, will become a regular.

If you can find a seat…



Open 7 days a week from 7 am to 7 pm.  The busiest times are 12-1 and 4-6. There can be a wait at those times.

Parking at the hotel with Fountain Coffee Room validation is $6.00

Accessible by stairs or elevator.


  • Derek & Maria Chandler 5 years ago

    Started coming here after the renovation in the mid 90's upon the suggestion of the late Brandon Tartikoff. Have been a frequent regular ever since. Eucario is a charmer, Ruth is delightful, and Denise will have you in stitches laughing. All while catering to your special requests. Feels like a warm family there. Derek & Maria Chandler (Beverly Hills, CA & New Orleans LA.)

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