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The Foundation Of The Sinful Flesh

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In part 1 of the Walk Applied series, we discussed the bride of Christ, and how we know that to be the bride of Christ, we must be saved. In part 2 of the Walk Applied series, we talked about some of the properties of what it means to be saved. Then, in part 3 of the Walk Applied series, we talked about the Fall and why Free Will and choice made the Fall necessary. Now, in Part 4, we will begin to examine Idolatry as the consequence of the Fall.

When Adam and Eve fell, we observe some very significant and profound consequences. First, there was death as a spiritual being. Adam and Eve did not die in the flesh; indeed, it was a spiritual death. Second, they now knew the difference between good and evil. No surprise there! The tempter’s admonition was indeed true; God concurs by saying that Adam and Eve had now become like God in that “they now knew the difference between god and evil” later in Gen. 3. Third, we note that fear, shame & guilt made them afraid. Fourth, blame now entered the picture. Adam and Eve now realized they were naked, and they certainly saw each other quite differently than they saw each other than before. Thus, their behavior was now quite different.


Arguably, the most significant consequence was that of being banished. To be sure, there was no letting them stay. Had Adam and Eve eaten of the Tree of Life in their sinful state, they would have stayed alive forever in their sinful state. Indeed, they would have been Lucifer's subjects forever. It goes without saying this was not God’s plan! As Roseanne Roseannadanna (For those of you who remember the very funny Gilda Radner) might have said: “You got yourselves a real mess!”

The emotion they must have felt at that moment must have been staggering. The guilt, shame and regret must have been overwhelming! It’s no great leap of logic to assume that there was great dread. After all, who would now take care of them? Every need had been fully supplied; fear of anything happening to them was unthinkable. Now, they would have to fend for themselves. Gone were the days of security. Surely, insecurity became a big part of them.


Based on Adam and Eve’s experience, it is not difficult to extract what makes up our sinful flesh in the natural realm: guilt, shame, insecurity and idolatry. The same guilt, shame and insecurity that came to wreak havoc on our two original parents surely are an unfortunate but innate and intrinsic part of us. It follows that in the pathetic state of the sinful flesh we find ourselves in leads to idolatrous worship – we will worship whatever we believe will bring us security and protect us.

Next time, in part 5 of the Walk Applied series, we will begin to examine the two main types of Idolatry: Rebellion idolatry and Need idolatry


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