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‘The Fosters’ season one finale spoilers: Will there be a second season?

Maia Mitchell, David Lambert and Cierra Ramirez
Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images for Family Equality Council

The Fosters” is wrapping up its first season tonight on ABC Family and fans are wondering how it will end and if it's coming back. The Hollywood Reporter shared a few spoilers on March 24 about what viewers can expect on Monday night’s finale. They also shared knowledge on if the show will be back for season two.

David Lambert, who plays Brandon in the drama, revealed some insight into tonight’s episode. When asked if reconciliation between Brandon and Callie is in the works, Lambert says eventually they will be in a good place. Lambert goes on to say that keeping his emotions in check about Callie is probably going to be Brandon’s hardest struggle.

Tonight’s finale is centered around adoption day for Callie and Jude. Brandon realizes this is the most important thing to her and he must put his own feelings about her aside to let her have what she needs.

Brandon has been headed down the wrong path after some bad decisions and it appears that won’t stop for tonight’s finale. Lambert says he has enjoyed this path that Brandon has gone down. He says Brandon is at an age where he needs to make mistakes and learn from them. Hopefully the bad decisions stop soon and the “good boy” version of Brandon will resurface!

TV Line also spoke to Lambert about the finale and he told them tonight’s finale will be shocking. He said, “It’s definitely going to affect people.”

The good news for fans is that tonight doesn’t end it all! Season two of “The Fosters” will be made and Lambert says it will be like a “restart” for Brandon. He hints that in the beginning Brandon may be down, but says eventually he will “branch out and stay active.”

Are you glad “The Fosters” will be back for another season? What do you think of the recent changes in Brandon’s character?

Don’t miss the season one finale of “The Fosters” on ABC Family tonight at 8 p.m. CST.

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