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'The Fosters' season 1 episode 11 spoilers: What happens in return of this show?

Maia Mitchell
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Tomorrow night is the big return of "The Fosters" to ABC Family. On Jan. 10, ABC Family went to their YouTube channel to share three new sneak peeks that have spoilers for this episode. Are you excited this show is coming back?

The preview shows that Callie is still gone but Jude doesn't know the truth about where she is at right now. She actually ran off, but they are telling him that she is at a guitar lesson. The guitar is in the hallway so it won't take long for him to figure out what is going on and of course she won't return right away.

Brandon admits to Jude that he is in love with Callie. He wants to figure out a way to be with her, but of course Jude is afraid this means that they won't adopt them and he is not okay with that at all.

Lexie is getting ready to leave for two weeks and of course Jesus wants to spend time with his girlfriend, but his sister wants her attention to and this one is going to get ugly. Will they ever be able to make it work out?

Don't miss the return of "The Fosters" on Jan. 13 on ABC Family. Please like my Facebook for the latest in entertainment news.

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