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The Forgotten Government

The headline of the website reads, "House bill delays 'Obamacare' 1 year, pays troops". This is in response to the latest Congressional crisis that, yet again, toys with a government shutdown, attaching implementation of the Obamacare legislation to the fiscal irresponsibilities the government has engaged in for the past decade.

No one feigns surprise. In fact, people across America can barely suppress a yawn to the latest armageddon proposal. Much akin to the boy who cried wolf one too many times, people are tired of the dramatics of Congress. They are tired of their elected officials playing political games with the viability of our nation, our military, warring with each other in an effort to raise monies for their own campaigns. People are just tired. The stench of Congress is one that reeks of greed and corruption. The apathy of the American voter may be rampant but it pales in comparison to the apathy of Congress.

Despite the headlines, the tragedy in America is not one detailing a government shutdown. The tragedy is the fact we no longer live in a republic. America has representatives but they most certainly do not represent Americans. They only represent themselves in a bid to acquire wealth and power. They do so at the expense of every single constituent that took the time to cast a vote. The "establishment" sets the tone for each and every crisis and then ... wait for it ... the onslaught of emails fill up the inboxes of Americans asking, in fact begging, for monies. "Please contribute" emails and phone calls spread like wildfire, casting a gun to the head of each recipient who cared enough about our country to follow the government and provide their contact information. Phrases like "funding deadlines" and "we need your support to make sure that" followed by the very real issue Congress has invented, sure to destroy our country if realized; yet, in reality, is simply a mechanism being used to yield great personal wealth for those very Representatives that paved its very path. These Representatives are driving America to its end to realize great headlines as fuel for their campaign-fundraising efforts.

It is a dangerous game our elected officials have chosen to engage in and they are playing it with live rounds of ammunition. The synopsis of the response from Americans to this display of dramatics seem to be a collective act of disengagement effectively calling this bluff.

One notable event in the Shakespearean drama involved a filibuster staged by Senator Cruz. A single voice was heard amid the loud display of games being played in the theater of Congress. It was a slow but steady drumming that grew louder as each hour passed. Regardless of the futility this effort may have yielded, it was begun with a sincere effort to represent those individuals who elected him. The people from the state of Texas elected Ted Cruz because he told them he would do everything in his power to fight the implementation of Obamacare. Like it or not, this is the principle that guided his effort. On September 24, 2013, he stood and spoke as a testament to the promise he made to the people in Texas. Perhaps his efforts were futile. Perhaps people disagree with the content of his speech. But, one thing is for certain. The anomaly with his action is that he actually represented the people who elected him. He did not yield to the establishment but stood on principle. He refused to deliver the lines that had been written for him, even by his own party. His speech was delivered on the promise of representation. His allegiance was to the state of Texas and one of the founding principles of our nation as a Republic involving the very simple fact that Americans are, in fact, supposed to be represented by an individual.

However, the reality is the majority of those in Washington care only about fundraising and what might be used to fuel this effort. Our government or the ideas invested in a republic have been forgotten. The game of politics is one that has become so corroded there are no limitations involving what will be used to yield results. There are no boundaries. The theatrical games being played threaten every aspect of our way of life: We have a President who will not negotiate. There is no script in his world. There are no plays. There is what he says will be done and will not be done. He closes his eyes to the battle and crosses his fingers. His interest lies only in the camera crews, the lighting and the applause at the end . We have a House of Representatives that is shell-shocked and riddled with indecision. When the money stops rolling in, the House wants to "cooperate". When the money starts rolling in, the House wants to stage a poorly written play of varying scripts that usually end in mid-delivery. Our Senate contains a loose canon who has deviated from the script altogether. No one in the Senate quite understands how the story will end because of the developing subplot that has placed the anticipated climax in question. From every aspect of every corner of the government - that has long since been forgotten - the noticeable theme the American public has discovered is that it is all an act.

So, in the meantime, most average Americans simply change the channel, put down the newspaper, click on a different link on the internet. They know the gun is pointed directly at them but this time is different. It has been there too many times previously. With their disengagement, people have called their elected officials on this latest bluff. This time America is waiting to see if there is any love for our great nation left in Washington; or if they are prepared to sacrifice it all for the theatrics. The game is up. The countdown has begun. This time America is waiting to see if those in Washington really will pull the trigger.

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