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The Foods Your Dentist Will Avoid

There are plenty of foods your doctor and dentist may recommend to help you stay healthy. But have you ever wondered what foods they avoid?

There are many foods that have chemicals, additives, sugar and high salt content. Alot of these types of food can cause cavities, and weight gain. Here is a list of top foods your dentist may try to avoid.


There are many types of nutritional downfalls in certain types of muffins and coffee cakes especially at coffee shops, instead go to a grain muffin. The truth is, some packaged muffins are packed with sugar and additives. In some situations you will find more sugar than in a candy bar. Muffins that are not made fresh daily usually contain high fructose corn syrup which can hurt your oral health. The high carb fat ratio in a large starbucks scone or muffin is more than breakfast and lunch calories combined.

A better choice is for a healthier breakfast food is a croissant over a muffin. They may be heavy on flaky, buttery flavor, but they're usually one of the safest baked goods you'll find at a cafe or coffee shop.

Granola is kind of like eating dessert for breakfast. It is almost always covered in sugar which can get on the enamel of your teeth and cause bacteria build up. Sugar filled foods can cause cavities. If you like granola, instead of eating a bowl, you can crumble a small handful into greek yogurt.

Chinese Food
Chinese food can pack as much sugar as a bag of Skittles? Ingredients like Honey Garlic Sauce can taste good but be warned they can hurt your teeth. The Honey Garlic Chicken can
add more calories and unwanted sugar to your diet.

Crumb Doughnuts
Doughnuts are tasty, but add cereal on top and you are glutton for major punishment. Crumb doughnuts are the worst type of doughnut option. Cream and sugar are packed into a small serving. Fat-stuffed pastries may taste good but they can hurt your teeth, says a dentist in Portland, OR.

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