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The Food Trucks Are Coming

Some people are out and about doing the typical summer activities like hiking, swimming, biking and boating, while others are making their way from restaurant patio to restaurant patio, indulging in great food and fruity beverages. found another activity the city of Euclid is partaking in. An event where you will not only find wonderful music, but you can find some delicious food at a awesome price. Euclid is hosting a summer concert series where they have invited local food trucks to come and join the fun of the summer.

When you think food truck, you may be thinking of a grease guy, selling fried food from the back of a beat up truck, but for those of you who have caught on to the food truck trend know food trucks are now serving up some delectable food. At the first concert this year, two food trucks were serving up the classics with a bit of a twist. One truck had a burger called the TexMex. The burger patty was made with chorizo sausage and topped with fresh lettuce and tomato. The other truck was serving a Portobello mushroom burger with garlic aioli — a very yummy vegetarian option. These were only two of the many items each truck had to offer. Every item seemed to be no more than $5 and were well worth the money spent. The two food trucks to look our for are The Nosh Box and MotorMouth Food Truck. Examiner was able to get the inside scoop and found out there will be a variety of trucks participating in this local event this summer, and cannot wait to try more.

Euclidians seemed to have a great time as the band played and they enjoyed their food truck treats. These concerts seem like they are a great way to not only experience Euclid's lakefront but do something a little bit different while getting a taste for something new.

The summer concert series takes place the last Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. at the beautiful Sims Park, where you will be able to see a amazing summer sunset on the lake. The concerts are free and open to the public. Examiner encourages you to mark your calendars and get out those lawn chairs to enjoy the concert, but most importantly the cheap eats!

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