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The food revolution no one is talking about

On Friday night, ABC aired Jamie Oliver's two hour special "Food Revolution".  Jamie is a very likable and attractive man, and is on a mission to change the way Americans eat, starting with our schools.  His mission has purpose and is grabbing a lot of attention.  Just tonight while reading a report for this article, Ashton Kutcher tweeted a link to Jamie's website encouraging his 4.7 million followers to sign a petition to get "better food at school and better health prospects'.  It is a movement that with the support of primetime and celebrity attention,  can and should gain some momentum.

There is another food revolution going on that none of us are talking about.  The cameras are not rolling, the Governor of West Virginia is not showing up in a special kitchen to support the cause, and local radio hosts aren't being taken down to the food shelters to the see the faces of the people being served.  This food revolution is a silent killer in our nation and no one is talking about it.  Hunger in America is increasing at an alarming rate. 

Americans are having to choose whether to feed their families or pay their light bill.  Whether to feed their families or pay their rent.  Whether food on the table or medicine in the medicine cabinet is more important.  These are trade-offs that every day Americans are having to make.  Yet their stories are not worthy of primetime.

According to a study done by Mathematica Policy Research, Inc., in New Mexico, 40% of the members of households served by local pantries, kitchens and shelters are under the age of 18.  59% of the children participate in the federal school lunch program. The school breakfast and lunch they receive may be their only meals for the day.  

This is a crisis in America.  One that deserves primetime attention. If we focused as much attention on the hunger crisis in America at the same time we were focusing on Jamie Oliver's mission, then we would have a real food revolution.




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