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The Fonz - Outdoor Art in Milwaukee

The statue of the Fonz on Milwaukee's RiverWalk
The statue of the Fonz on Milwaukee's RiverWalk
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Boston has its share of great outdoor art, but, Milwaukee can top it, it has on its RiverWalk a sculpture of the Fonz.

People come from around the world to have their picture taken with the bronze “Fonz” on the RiverWalk. The creation of artist Gerald Sawyer, Arthur Fonzarelli, “the Fonz” from the television series Happy Days (1974-1984), hasn’t aged a bit. He’s still cool; from his thumbs up sign, to his tee-shirt, leather jacket and jeans.

Also on the RiverWalk is “To Dream the Impossible Dream” made from welded automobile bumpers. It was designed by the late Elmer Winter the founder of Manpower.

Artist Jeff Decker’s “Hill Climber” at the Harley-Davidson Museum depicts the strength and grit of a 1920’s motorcycle racer. The arched back and bulging muscles of the rider show his determination.

On the lakefront is Ned Kahn’s “Wind Leaves”; seven half moon shaped steel discs covered with ball bearings atop thirty foot poles. The discs can be turned by handles on the poles. The surrounding benches are xylophones that give off music when played.

Enderis Park has “Magic Grove”, a stand of whimsical steel trees created by Nancy Metz White. On the branches sit colorful sculpted animals, letters and numbers.

With all this exceptional outdoor art Milwaukee is leaving its artistic footprint on the earth.


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