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The folly of human wisdom in the face of God's glorious foolishness

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St. Paul (in 1 Corinthians 1:17-25) speaks (perpetually, through Sacred Scripture and Tradition) of the folly of human wisdom in the face of God's glorious foolishness in the Cross of Jesus. When one looks at the world today, one can only agree with the saint's perennial insight.

Half the world is swathed in blood. Isis, or whatever this band of murderers and rapists call themselves, is spreading the cancer of hate in the name of Allah. Christians are murdered, westerners are beheaded, and Middle Easterners--Jews and Arabs--live in the wake of this hellish terror organization. Yet, the wisdom of the Western world--Europe and the Obama American administration--is to play softball with hardened killers.

A great part of the weakness of human wisdom is ideologies and philosophies which never learn from history. Appeasement is a symptom of smugness which envisions an evolution of human nature separate from original sin.

Eastern Europe is slowly succumbing to the re-Soviet-ization of Eastern Europe. Vladimir Putin, daily, reasserts the terror of Universal Communism. With a Universal Muslim Caliphate breaking out in the Middle East (and Europe), an eventual clash of super--evil--forces is inevitable.

But the world seeks help from the United States of America. Long the beacon of hope (yes, America is not perfect), offering democracy, human rights, and a Judeo-Christian ethic, America has become an over-the-hill prizefighter, bloated, and bored with the responsibility of charity and truth. Now, a semi-socialist, secularist, relativistic, declining nation, the wisdom of the American experiment has now become an almost fading memory. The world appears ready to remake itself in the 'wisdom' of this age. And the remake appears to be one big mess.

And then there's the Cross.

In the background, behind the misleading, sensationalized headlines, are the Pro-Lifers fighting for our most basic human right. Behind the smoke of the blazing guns weaponry of Communism and Radical Islam is a Catholic Church, and a Pope, praying, and paying, for the starving and the suffering. Behind the rhetoric of socialists like Obama, Communists like Putin, and masked faces of cowardly Jihadists, are courageous Catholics and Christians living life faithfully, and charitably, amongst the madness.

The Cross is their suffering. Resurrection, in their faith and hope, is the world's only hope.