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'The Following' spoilers: Kevin Bacon talks this season's 'wins'

The Following season 2 spoilers
The Following season 2 spoilers

Kevin Bacon's hit television show "The Following" started its second season and the star did an interview about what fans can expect from the sophomore outing for the show. According to TV Line on Jan. 26, Bacon said creator Kevin Williamson looked at what worked and what didn't as he started working on season two.

The first season of "The Following" began with Kevin Bacon's former FBI agent, a broken down Ryan Hardy. Things barely got better for Hardy through the season, as he was beaten up while bad guys continued to get the better of him the entire season.

Luckily, Bacon said that fans who were getting discouraged by his mess ups should like knowing that he will get a few more successes this year. Bacon said that viewers should want to have a little bit of success.

The thing is that Kevin Bacon likes it better when his character screws up all the time. However, he said that Williamson wants more successes for our hero this season.

Bacon also said the second season of "The Following" will see his character with a dark agenda, tracing back to the murder of his love the year before. He said that his character has promised the FBI that he no longer keeps track of the Carroll followers although he actually still does.

Bacon said that Ryan Hardy is holding a lot of stuff inside and that he is not pretending to be someone that he is not and that he is actually as dark as he seemed to be pretending he was.

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