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'The Following' spoilers: Kevin Bacon reveals Claire's fate for season 2

What lies ahead in season 2 of 'The Following'?
What lies ahead in season 2 of 'The Following'?
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Season 2 of “The Following” begins Sunday, and fans cannot wait to get started. While there had been some mystery surrounding the fate of Claire after the brutal attack in the season 1 finale, Kevin Bacon has just laid the hopes of fans to rest. E! Online shared the scoop on Jan. 17.

“The Following” season 2 picks up a year after where season 1 ended. It had looked very likely that Claire had died, and unfortunately Bacon now has bluntly confirmed it. While many fans would expect Claire's death to send Ryan Hardy into an abyss of self-hate, as season 2 begins he's actually doing well.

The new season begins with Hardy teaching and away from the FBI, and he's sober. He's let go of the Joe Carroll obsession, and of course the world thinks that Carroll is dead. However, fans know it's not going to be that simple. A new case involving a subway attack and Joe Carroll masks brings Hardy back into the investigative world again.

There is romance ahead again for Hardy, but this time it's with a woman named Lily, played by Connie Nielsen. Lily is a victim of the subway attack, and it doesn't take long before Hardy and Lily grow close. Joe Carroll himself is indeed back, and he's got big plans. Emma returns as well, but she's on the run.

Season 2 of “The Following” gets underway Sunday, Jan. 19 after the NFC Championship. After that, the show moves to Mondays beginning Jan. 27.