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"The Following" - season two finale

Mark and Luke of The Following
Mark and Luke of The Following
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For those wondering if "The Following" is coming back, this prime time TV series on FOX has already been renewed for a third season!

I just finished watching "The Following," season two finale and I have to say, this season had even more twists and upsets than season one! And without giving away too many spoilers, I was sad to see some of this show's key characters meet an untimely demise. But I guess that's bound to happen when you follow a psychotically-crazed cult leader who thinks and acts as if he is above the law and an all-knowing God. It still amazes me what followers will do for their deity, otherwise known as Joe Carroll.

(Okay this is somewhat of a spoiler, so be forewarned). I wasn't surprised, however, that cult leader Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) and FBI agent, Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) ended up working together to save the woman they both still love. Joe, as always, seems to have the upper hand in the beginning of the finale, thanks to his loyal followers. Sad for them though, his most loyal subjects always end up perishing by his own hand. What a nice guy! Luckily for Ryan, Joe allows him to live awhile longer so they can work together against the sicko, psycho wonder twins - Luke and Mark (both played by Sam Underwood - this kid is so talented).

What do you think happened to Emma? (SPOILER!) Do you think she's really gone? I am not sure if she is because; well, look at Joe from seasons one and two. Dead, not dead, dead, not dead. For the show's sake, I hope we see Emma again (Valorie Curry is such a great Emma). Twin brothers Mark and Luke hold Joe and Ryan primarily responsible for hurting their mother - and rightfully so. It wouldn't be a bad thing to see them take Joe apart, piece by piece (literally), but as cunning and intelligent as they are, that unfortunate scenario, just isn't meant to be.

Everyone thinks Ryan will kill Joe. Hardy had ample opportunity and no one present during his capture would have given him up, had he done it. But of course, the story cannot end that way. So Joe is arrested, and there's no sign of the twins. Mark should still be alive, but Luke didn't look so good in the last scene he was in. An anonymous person ends up helping Mark, but we won't know who that is until next season. Will Ryan ever have another chance with his lady love? At this point, it doesn't look like it. But who knows what the writers will decide for season three of this prime time TV series. We'll all just have to wait and see.