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'The Following's' Valorie Curry: "Everything is questioned in season 2"

"The Following" returns to FOX for its second season in less than a week, and on Monday, Jan. 13, we uploaded a video interview with series star Valorie Curry (Emma).

Valorie Curry as Emma in 'The Following' season 2.
Michael Lavine/FOX

As the first season of "The Following" ended, the world believed Joe Carroll was dead – and so did Emma. So what does that mean for her in season 2? "There's sort of two avenues it could go," Curry explained. "If he is dead, then it's an examination of who Emma is without him, whether she does rise, be the big baddie, or whether she even cares about the cult. If he is alive, how does she feel about that? How would she feel about having lived without him for a year? Does she want him anymore? Is she angry?"

Whatever happens with Emma in season 2, it hasn't been an easy year for her between seasons. "Emma has had to survive by the skin of her teeth," the actress shared. "She is the most wanted person with the most visible face, and she's got a pretty recognizable look. She's had to find ways to hide."

Needless to say, Emma is all about Joe. "Her whole life is about Joe," Curry said, and while some may see a selfish character in Emma, the actress insists she's actually selfless. "Her life exists for Joe Carroll. I think what we'll see that we saw hints of throughout season 1...[are] the cracks in her exterior, in her resolve, in her certainty about where things are going. Everything is questioned in season 2. …She's in a much more vulnerable position." But can Emma ever move on from Joe? "I don't know if Emma's capable of existing without him, without living for him," she admitted.

So is Curry worried about Emma dying? "I know what show I'm on. I know that I could go at any moment, but that's part of what makes the story great. …All I hope is that if and when I do go out, that I get a really good death."

Check out the video interview above or here for more from Valorie Curry about season 2.

"The Following" season 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on FOX, with a special preview airing Jan. 19.

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