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'The Following': James Purefoy on Joe Carroll's death, soul-searching and Ryan

"The Following" season 2 premiere is only a few days away, and on Thursday, Jan. 16, we uploaded a video interview with James Purefoy about what we'll see from Joe Carroll this season.

James Purefoy as Joe Carroll for THE FOLLOWING season 2.
Michael Lavine/FOX

In case you've missed it everywhere, Joe Carroll is in "The Following" season 2, but, at least in the first few episodes, we'll be seeing a Joe who is "a lot more introspective about his life," who he is, was, and will be. "We'll see him in a different place, looking very different," the actor shared. "He'll be doing a bit of soul-searching and seeing where he went wrong. Maybe deciding that maybe he wasn't the greatest writer. I think there's a certain amount of a reset," and like the show, keying into what worked and fixing what wasn’t successful in the first season.

But what do any differences we see in Joe mean for what we'll see when it comes to him and Ryan Hardy? "I don't think his goal was ever really to take down Ryan in terms of killing him," Purefoy said, calling that too "easy" and "nice." "What I've always said about him is that he takes a crochet needle into the belly of Ryan Hardy and just tugs on his intestines. That's what he wants to do for the rest of Ryan's life, just slow, painful torture."

While we know that Emma is all about Joe, Joe is all about Joe too. "Nothing he ever does is about anyone else. …Everything he does is manipulation for himself." That said, he did tease something to look forward to this season: "There's lots of times in the new season where you'll see me being very "kind" to people and being very nice to people, and of course you will know what my ulterior motive is."

And as for that "death" in the season finale? Well, "you'll see how he got out," he previewed, and it will be believable "enough."

Check out the video above (or here) for more from James Purefoy about season 2, including his work with new characters, what's been retooled, and more.

"The Following" season 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on FOX, with a special preview Jan. 19 after the NFC Championship Game.

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