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'The Following' introduces a new batch of 'Carrollers'

Ryan: "I really haven’t kept up with the case. I’m strictly a civilian now."
Ryan: "I really haven’t kept up with the case. I’m strictly a civilian now."
David Giesbrecht and Sarah Shatz/FOX

“Joe Carroll walks. Ryan Hardy can’t stop us. The resurrection is coming.”

Ryan: "I won’t be consulting."
Sarah Shatz/FOX

“Resurrection” is the season two premiere of “The Following.” This article contains spoilers for tonight’s episode, so beware! To review last week's case file, click here. Check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight's episode. “The Following” will repeat this episode next Monday at 7, and follow it up with a new episode that same night at 8 on Fox.

Three masked Joe Carroll’s kill six people on a subway train on the anniversary of Joe’s death. Strangely enough, Emma is not behind this. There is another Joe Carroll cult out there, and they don’t keep in contact or consult Emma. It will be interesting to see when these two factions meet, and what they think of the other group of Carrollers. As for Joe, it appears that he made it out alive after all, and Ryan is aware of it. What is unclear, is why he decided to grow a massive beard and hide away somewhere. Right now, there are many questions, but it is intriguing. There isn’t any downright confusing, yet. What is your impression of this new group?

Ryan is now a teacher, imagine that, and when the FBI calls him in, he claims to be done with investigating Joe Carroll’s cults. Guess what, he lied. What is strange though is there is never a reason for why Ryan has been limiting his task force to only him and his niece Max. Perhaps so Mike won’t get caught in the crossfire. However, Mike got pulled back into the investigation, so he will still be out there. It is a little annoying that his motives aren’t explained. Max could have easily helped with that. The writers will need to address it in the next episode. What are your theories on why Ryan is keeping his findings to himself?

Here are quick thoughts on elsewhere in the episode. There is a brief references to the year that we don’t get to see. Eight months ago, Mike goes to visit a very drunk Ryan, discussing what Ryan should say about the man he killed. This could have something to do with Mike’s current suspension, but the writers don’t clear that up. They also don’t divulge why Ryan decided to get sober five months ago. These are things that would help a lot to know, seeing as how these facts influence who Mike and Ryan are today and how their relationship with each other has changed. What are your thoughts?

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