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The Following Episode Commentary: Trust Me

Trust Me
Trust Me

Ryan Hardy continues to be a vigilante, Mike Weston continues to question his actions, Emma joins the new cult and Joe is back to his old ways.

It is safe to say that “Trust Me” is an episode that brings the same old suspense sequences and has Ryan Hardy looking like a complete fool by being two steps behind as an unexpected cult member who pulls a fast one on him.

From the start this episode had several twists and turns. Like previous episodes, there are plenty of surprises that hit the Brooklyn streets and at the same time you are left scratching your head on how stupid Hardy can be.

So far the start of this season has become a bit repetitive. While Hardy continues to work on his own to investigate the case involving Mark and Luke's murders, he continues to take a step back and claims he does not know anything when the F.B.I. questions him. As the same song and dance continues to be a part of Hardy's persona, you wonder why his life continues to be dark and filled with death.

Carroll, on the other hand, is back to his old ways. After a year of being sober with no kills, he has finally snapped. It is a definite possibility that you will be seeing Joe Carroll back in Hardy's life real soon. Although we have not seen much of Carroll being part of the action, the new cult member psycho twins have been the perfect dynamic duo. They have been highly entertaining thus far. It is safe to say that they are a big reason this season has been some what interesting.

Overall, this episode was not as thrilling as the others. Ryan Hardy's character has become very tiresome. His act and story arc is a complete bore. Hopefully Carroll getting back into the mix can revive what has been a slow start to this season.

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