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The Following Episode Commentary: Reflection


Ryan Hardy and Max are still in pursuit of Giselle and while they capture her, she somehow finds a way to escape. As a result, we get the same old song and dance scenarios that have taken place each episode this season thus far.

“Reflection” did not have much going on except for Hardy taking out several Cult members, Emma and Mark locked up in Lilly's art room and Joe doing his best Dexter Morgan impression, as he brutally kills a college student who is strapped to a table. Both Agent Mendez and Mike Weston had limited roles- they saw surveillance footage of Hardy and Max at the train station from the previous episode. It was more of the same old cat and mouse games between Hardy and the New Cult that resulted in another less than satisfying episode.

The concept this episode and season seems to convey thus far is that Hardy continues his role as a vigilante, but somehow seems to cause more trouble than good. His niece, Max, does not make matters easier, because like her uncle her stubbornness will undoubtedly get them both into hot water. Hardy and Max continue their pursuit of Giselle and as they capture and interrogated her, she somehow gets away, leading to a set of deadly circumstances that impacted the new cult and could affect Hardy in the future.

Sadly, this episode did not have much to offer. Hardy kills a few Cult members, breaks into a house and gets wounded in the process. Lilly and Emma seem to have a rivalry, and their love for Joe could cause one of them to get killed. Carroll seems to be his old self which is the good news for this season.

The bad news is that he has not made any interaction with Hardy as of yet. It is safe to say that “Reflection” was more of a buildup episode for what is to come for the rest of the season.

Overall, “Reflection” had some character development involving Joe, Emma, and even Lilly. Ryan Hardy and Luke will definitely meet again which will result in a bloody outcome. Hardy not only walking on thin ice with the F.B.I, he also has the psycho twins to worry about. Rest assured the new cult will become a major problem for Hardy.

The question is will he get to them before they get to him? Finally, will Joe stay at Lilly’s estate and be a part of the new cult, or will he decide to kill Hardy by doing whatever it takes. Even if it involves killing the new cult members.