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The Following Episode Commentary: Family Affair

The Following: Family Affair
The Following: Family Affair

It was a more upbeat episode of “The Following” but Ryan Hardy’s life seems to stay the same.

In “Family Affair,” we see Ryan Hardy continue to be questioned by the F.B.I. while his suspicions on Joe Carroll’s mortality still in question. Although he is right to think this way, the same repetitiveness continues to occur with his character that makes you want to throw your remote control through the screen. As Lily is revealed to be one of Joe’s Followers, she has a private mansion of her own where the murder twins Mark and Luke, Emma and the rest of the new cult now reside. Lily also raised both Mark and Luke as they were her own children.

At the start of the episode, Joe and Mandy visit Jeena, one of Joe’s followers. Jeena supplies Joe with a new identity- he is ready to meet up with Emma and the new cult. Jenna’s storyline becomes relatively interesting towards the episode’s climax. Back at the mansion, Lily shows Emma around and accepts her with open arms. In a way she is sort of like a Joe in terms of being a mentor. Emma’s childhood and lack of love from her mother is what makes Lilly adore Emma. She believes she has potential in becoming part of the new cult just as Joe believed in her too.

Unfortunately for the main character of this episode and this season thus far, Hardy continues to become hard to root for. Now that he has teamed up with his niece, who is as stubborn as and possibly dumber than he is, makes you hope the bad guys win. While a murder takes place involving one of the new cult members, the F.B.I. investigates and Hardy, while being tailed by a few agents himself, works the case illegally. When he is finally caught, a weak interrogation takes place involving him, Mike Weston and agent Mendez, which results with another slap on the wrist. It is interesting that agent Mendez might have a role in the Joe Carroll case that can impact Hardy in the future.

Finally Hardy and his niece Max, track down Tehmina, who is a member of the new cult involved in a murder that took place earlier in the episode. While a showdown took place at a crowded Train station an unrealistic scenario takes place again, making Hardy look foolish, and resulting in another outcome which should be called “The One Who Got Away.”

It seems that while this episode had its moments- especially involving Joe’s return and him reuniting with Emma, the shocker comes towards the climax that involves Agent Mendez. Overall, this episode will keep us interested on what is to come for the rest of this season.

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