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“The Following” 2x9 - Joe is resurrected from the dead and makes a splash

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In last week’s episode, Ryan takes a closer look at Joe’s past for answers, while Joe tries to plan his future at the new cult.

In this week’s episode, titled “Unmasked”, Joe announces to the world that he is back and has a big coming out party that involves many deaths to celebrate it.

Micah and Joe talk about how they can make a ‘splash’ in the news like Lily’s doing. He calls on Jana for her help again. Micah asks Joe what he should do about Julia. He doesn’t think that she will get on board for his plan but she declines to believe in him so Joe kills her.

The first ‘messengers’ are Emma and Robert and some killer Micah has there named Lance (who is really unhinged). Emma is weary about Micah but Joe thinks he can handle him. They go to Carrie’s book signing where they are looking to make their first move.

Emma gives Carrie a flash drive with Micha’s message that she needs to share with the world. Carrie doesn’t tell Ryan about the message. Right before the police get there, Lance takes off his disguise and acts like he’s a victim. He tries to make a splash with the police but ends up getting killed.

Max brings Mike the information that she’s found about the FBI leak and Gina is on the list of suspects. Ryan goes to talk to Gina and she is insulted by his questioning. Mike and Ryan follow her to Jana’s house.

Gina talks with Jana about Jana’s break after she gave birth to their child. They argue about Joe before Jana stabs Gina in their garage. When Ryan and Mike find her they try and question Jana but she kills herself before they get Joe’s location.

Ryan/Max/Mike go through Jana’s computer and realize that Carrie is the next target and it’s going to be at her book signing.

As they are watching the message play, Micah quickly realizes that Joe changed the message right before the poison start to take effect and kills him.

After reeling from the message, Mike receives a mysterious phone call and doesn’t tell Max or Ryan about it. He goes to meet with someone before leaving with them. He meets with a 3rd car, puts a bag over his head, before leaving with them. Where he ends up is where no one expected. He goes and meets Claire at a hotel room.

In next week’s episode, Joe sends his army loose as they start the war. Meanwhile, Claire wants out of witness protection and wants to kill Joe and Ryan continues his search for Joe.

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