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“The Following” 2x8 - We meet Joe’s mentor

In last week’s episode, the search for Lily takes a turn when Max faces a new threat. Meanwhile, things aren’t what they seem at the latest hideout for Joe, Emma, and Mandy.

In this week’s episode, titled “The Messenger”, Ryan takes a closer look at Joe’s past for answers, while Joe tries to plan his future at the new cult.

In this week’s episode, titled “The Messenger”, Ryan takes a closer look at Joe’s past for answers, while Joe tries to plan his future at the new cult.

Emma of course tries to talk Joe into leaving, but Joe thinks that they have an opportunity to do something in the cult. That opportunity comes soon after they are inducted into the family as Micah asks Joe to help him kill people because he wants to save souls. Julia doesn’t like the fact that Joe is getting close to Micah.

Joe quickly sees that Micah might have something about him that Joe can be a part of. He sees that as he easily kills a few members of his group and is able to get the rest of the group to follow along with it. Julia was not happy about it and she gets locked up by Micah for getting angry. If she keeps acting this way, it shouldn’t bode well for her future.

Someone from Ryan’s past, a reporter named Kerry, makes an appearance and starts fishing around for information about Joe. The last time they were together, she had gotten Ryan drunk, perhaps to get information from him for her book.

The director of the FBI, Franklin, comes to Ryan with an offer he can’t refuse. Ryan now has access to the FBI without any rules that he needs to abide by in order to find Ryan and Lily. Ryan/Max quickly find out that Joe’s former teacher, Strauss (who was also a doctor), was an hour away from the lighthouse after the fight.

Ryan plants a bug in his house and when Kerry comes asking questions, Strauss knocks her out. Ryan tries to help her but he gets taken out by a young man. Ryan quickly sees that Strauss is the one that taught Joe how to kill and that he’s been teaching people through the years, including current protégé Cole. This is not good news for Joe as now they have to worry about all the people that Strauss has taught.

After Ryan/Max/Mike overtake Strauss, they question him and they learn that Joe knew a woman in the FBI but don’t know her name. Ryan admits that he doesn’t want Mike to end up like him, but knows that he can’t stop him.

Mike is still mourning over the death of his father and wants to seek revenge on Lily. Ryan tells him that he shouldn’t but knows he has no argument against his search for Joe. Mike doesn’t take no for an answer as he continues to follow Ryan. He is able to get to Max and get her to help him.

In next week’s episode, Joe announces to the world that he is back and has a big coming out party that involves many deaths to celebrate it.

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