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"The Following" 2x6 -Mike throws out the rule book and joins Ryan’s hunt for Joe

In last week’s episode, Joe unites with his new group of followers and wonders whether or not he can trust them. Ryan and Max get closer to the group while they are able to take out two of Joe’s new followers, causing Luke to snap.

Mike joins Ryan and Max in the hunt to take down Joe

In this week’s episode, titled “Fly Away”, Mike joins Max and Ryan and works to try and find Joe. Meanwhile, Joe and Lily argue about their next move but a reckless move by someone may challenge everything that everyone plans.

Things are starting to unravel for the Grey family. Luke and Lily are at ends because of what happened with Jamal and Giselle. Luke wants revenge but Lily wants to flee.

Lily is pushing Joe to hard to run away, but he wants to stay and do what he does best. It’s obvious that she is trying to hard to make him do something that he doesn’t want to do and it’s only going to be a matter of time before Joe does something to stop her (probably resulting in her death).

Lily is showing that she can be more devious then Joe. It’s going to be a battle of the wills for Joe and Lily. Joe once again falls fool to a woman and how dangerous they can be. She shows that she can be smarter then him and really can control him, despite what he thinks.

While they have parted ways right now, it’s unlikely that Lily’s done. There’s nothing worse then a woman scorned and she not is going after Joe for leaving her but Ryan and Mike for killing Luke.

Max is finally able to make Ryan see reason and that he can’t get Joe all by himself. He lets Max help while also calling in Mike for help.

Mike tries to convince Gina that he thinks that Joe is alive and someone from the FBI helped changed Joe’s DNA, but Gina doesn’t want any of that. It makes something inside of Mike snap a little bit. He was always the type that followed the rules and does what’s right, but he finally throws the rule book out the window and does things he wants to do.

Every time the FBI thinks that they are getting close to Joe, they are still one step behind. Gina is too oblivious that it’s her sister or her nanny (whoever Leslie Bibb’s character is to her) that is the mole from the FBI informing Joe of their inner workings. It’s only a matter of time before that comes out which will probably result in someone’s death (considering how the show has been going, it’s likely to Gina).

In next week’s show, Lily takes center stage as she seeks revenge for what Ryan’s done. Max gets kidnapped and is held hostage to a known serial killer of women. Ryan and Mike now have to race to save Max’s life.

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