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“The Following” 2x15 - Mark and Luke seek out revenge against Joe and Ryan

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In last week’s episode, the climax of the season comes to a head as there are only two episodes left. Joe takes hostage a church and it’s all hands on deck to try and stop Joe from the massacre.

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In this week’s episode, titled “Forgiveness”, we get the season 2 finale. Mark and Luke look for Joe and use Claire as a way to get him.

At the end of the last episode we heard a gunshot but didn’t know who got shot. Turns out it was Preston. Joe killed him because he was ‘annoyed’ with his crying. He continues to tell Ryan that he knows Claire is alive and at the inn where he proposed to her.

Ryan calls her phone and learns that Mark/Luke have her and will only give her over alive if he brings Joe to them alive. So now Ryan has to pull of the impossible and help Joe escape the church. Which of course he does with the help of Max and Mike.

Ryan/Joe head off to the address while Mike/Max follow behind them after they are able to leave undetected. While on the road, Ryan/Joe get run off the road by one of Joe’s followers. Instead of finishing off Ryan, Joe kills his follower and saves Ryan.

What a strange relationship they seem to have.

They get to the safe house and get to see all the research that the family did on Joe. They were almost as bad if not worse then Ryan. Mark/Luke use Claire as bait to knock out Joe and Ryan.

Mark/Luke begin their playing around with the three hostages as Mike/Max show up to try and stop them. Mark and Luke and essentially learn that Ryan killed his father’s killer and that is why he became a cop. They decide to let Ryan live but they will kill Claire, Max, and Mike and make him live with the guilt. Just as they are about to kill Claire, Max/Ryan come in and a shoot out ensues.

While the shoot out goes on, Max kills Luke right after him and Mark learn that it was Mike not Ryan that killed Lily. Joe seeks out Claire and begs her forgiveness for what he did to her and Joey. She declines and Ryan intervenes before Joe loses it. He has a chance to kill Joe but he doesn’t.

As the show comes to an end, Ryan tries to win back Claire and start things up, but she says that they have no future together. Mike finally makes a move on Max and kisses her. Ryan is still haunted by Mark and Mark gets picked up by a stranger in a white truck.

Season 2 has certainly given us a lot to think about and hope for in the future. The show has been renewed for a Season 3 which means we should see it again come next January. Joe is still alive and in prison so it’s really only a matter of time before he breaks out again. Mark might be the focus for the beginning of next season as he seeks revenge on Lily and Luke. The stranger in the white truck is going to be the most interesting part of the new season, no doubt it’s going to be someone that we have met and will be shocked to see who it is.

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