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“The Following” 2x14 - Joe prepares for his big finale

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In this week’s episode, titled “Silence”, the climax of the season comes to a head as there are only two episodes left. Joe takes hostage a church and it’s all hands on deck to try and stop Joe from the massacre.

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Luke/Mark learn that Lily is dead and are out for revenge against Ryan, Mike, and Joe. They are most likely going to start with Mike and Ryan because they are the ones that are immediately involved with killing Lily.

Max/Ryan cover for Mike.

Ryan tries to get Claire to leave, but she is stubborn and decides to go after Joe anyways. She takes some of Ryan’s weapons and gets away.

Joe is convinced that Claire is alive and believes that she sent him a sign to meet with her where he proposed to her. Emma thinks that it’s a trap and that he needs to let her go. Joe has Emma and Robert go and investigate the inn to make sure it is safe.

Kingston gets his message about how he can get his son back. He gets his sign and goes with Joe’s followers.

Joe begins his ‘spectacle’ by having his followers raid a church and bring explosives and guns along with Kingston. Kingston gets reunited for Preston and sees that Preston killed someone.

In last week’s episode, the climax of the season comes to a head. Claire, Carrie, Mike, and Max try and figure out a way to help Ryan while Ryan makes his move to try and get to Joe.

Joe spends the time trying to prove to the world that God does not exist and uses Preston and Kingston to do that. He tells Preston and Kingston to kill or be killed. Kingston ends up taking his own life in an attempt to save his son’s life.

Ryan and Mike are able to break into the church before it gets blocked off with explosives. They try and communicate with the outside about what’s going on inside.

Claire finally gets to the inn and is ambushed by Robert and Emma. Robert wants to take Claire back but Emma has other ideas. She had been so obsessed with Joe and not wanting Claire to mess that up, she tries to kill Claire after killing Robert but Claire ends up killing her. Feeling like she’s free, she quickly sees that she is not as Mark and Luke are there to greet her.

This show really gives us a lot to think about as the season comes to a close and the cliffhanger as the end will make you want to scream at your TV. Joe has Mike with guns pointed at him, wanting Ryan to come out. The screen goes black then there is a gun shot. But you have no idea who shot it.

In next week’s episode, we get the season 2 finale. Mark and Luke look for Joe and use Claire as a way to get him.

There is no indication on what happened to Mike obviously wanting you guessing at what happened.

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