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The Fold v. The Legion of K.A.O.S feud strengthens in NWA

NWA Eastern States Champion Malice
Leonard Brand

For some of the members of these two groups, The Fold (Lou Maroni, Cueball Carmichael, Sean Denny, Pat Cusick) and The Legion of K.A.O.S. (Damien Wayne, Lance Erickson, Nitro and Malice) this is one of the most important periods of their career, almost the pinnacle of their career.

The feud that is growing between the two groups has went from simmering straight to a bloody boiling point. The first blood was spilled at the NWA WWW “Starcade” in December when Nitro, the NWA National Heavyweight Champion made his presence known during the Lou Marconi and Human Predator match causing Marconi to lose his NWA Eastern States Heavyweight Championship that night.

However, Marconi would later regain the title from Human Predator a recent defense earlier in February at the NWA CIW show in Toledo, OH would once again see The L.O.K interfere and this time cause Marconi to lose the title to Malice. Malice and Nitro are a skilled tag team both holding prestigious singles titles in the NWA while Damien Wayne and Lance Erickson are skilled singles wrestlers who are currently holding three versions of NWA Tag Team Championships including the NWA U.S. Tag Team Championship, the NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Championship and the NWA Mid-West Tag Team Championship.

Even with all the gold The L.O.K currently have and the accomplishments they have made, there are some who believe they are out of their element.

“Oh most definitely,” Carmichael said. “Look at it this way, you have two guys who are a tag team holding singles belts and two guys who work singles holding tag team titles. Nitro and Malice still have that tag team mentality while Wayne and Erickson still have that individual mentality. That makes them vulnerable.”

Though both teams claim that have a “mutual respect” for one another the animosity is very real and titles be damned these two teams are out for blood.

“With all due respect,” Malice said, “The Fold had better ‘fold’ while they can The L.O.K. hold all the aces.”

Carmichael, with all the wisdom and experience of a grizzled veteran and a glint of mysticism in his eye simply said, “We (The Fold) have beaten Wayne and Erickson twice already for the NWA WWW Tag Team Titles and you will soon learn why The Fold is about family.”

On March 1, 2014, portions of each faction will square off, as Marconi will battle Nitro for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship while Carmichael will take to the ring against Malice for the NWA Eastern States Heavyweight Championship. The NWA Rage show in Williamstown, NC at the National Guard Armory will be the host.

The National Wrestling Alliance is in the midst of a resurrection of sorts and former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Conway is currently one-half of the NWA World Tag Team Champions with Jax Dane and continuing to chase after the World title while still defending the tag team titles. The Iron Godz as Conway and Dane have come to be known recently battled Wayne and Erickson in what is being considered a match of the year candidate on an NWA SAW show in Tennessee.

The feud that is evolving between The Fold and The L.O.K will undoubtedly be one of pain, violence and blood. All eight men are unique in the business of professional wrestling; they are some of the most successful wrestler’s in the game as well as some of the most talented. Predicting a “winner” when all is finished may come down to just who the last man standing will be.

“Macaroni had a taste of us (Nitro and Malice) and didn’t fare too well,” Nitro said. “Let us know what Waffle House you and Lou are having your last supper at so we can pay our respects before you guys are humiliated and beaten on March 1.”

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