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The Focus on the Family movie " Irreplaceable" confirms God's plan for family

Tonight"s premiere of "Irreplaceable", a research tour on the dynamics of the family as the building block of culture is an important film for our time as we see the rapid erosion of what God created in the Garden of Eden. In a theatre mostly filled in Manchester, CT, sighs occurred in the audience as the realization that our "me, my, and I" culture has even crept into the Christian circle.

Families are suffering in a culture that perpetuates sin: illicit and abnormal sexual and human relationships, fatherless homes, devaluation of marriage as God intended between a man and woman, forsaken and abused children, and cultures living out the so called "American dream" has really produced a society that is disconnected from a real foundation of family that produces healthy and whole people.

The prisons and shelters are filled with people in America who did not know or have a relationship with their father. Youth homelessness, suicide, promiscuity, can all be linked to an unsafe family environment.

We know without Christ we can do nothing. As Christians we need to pray for our families; speak life over our children, model Christian behavior.

Almost two hours the film was captivating and soul- searching.

For more information go to and support The Family Project.

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