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The focus of intention

Each selection provides a window into the focus of the mind seen through the windows of intention.
Each selection provides a window into the focus of the mind seen through the windows of intention.

Kabbalah teaches you to listen. When you listen you activate a very important focus in your consciousness. It is the center of awareness that responds to like thoughts and to the relationships between those like thoughts. This is why when we take a look at a Hebrew word and mix up the letters to make another word that there can be a correspondence between two words where you might not have thought there was any.

Focus and Attention

For example in the word BeREiShY”T (in the beginning) or taking sections of the word, Bara (created) ShY”T (six). Rearranging the letters we find EiSh (fire) or iYSh (man). These are just few of the combinations that may be found. If you then take these combinations and relate them to various other part of Torah including all the writings you will come up with more correspondences. The point here is that when you use a particular focus you keep getting results that are along the lines of that focus.

Now the same may be said to be true using our own thoughts are examples of combining and relationships. If we start with a certain focus various related areas of discovery are brought into being. If you focus of example on the color red you will then begin to see that color in a new way and it will seem to pop out at you throughout your travels. A curious thing happens when you buy a new car of a certain color. All of a sudden that color car appears everywhere. You think to yourself how could I how missed this color before? The answer is that your focus has changed.

Focus is something that can be definite and useful in every area of your life. If you focus on your health in any area of your body with the intention of improving that health a series of suggestions and discoveries will come to you. All of these insights will be beneficial over time causing your health to improve. The converse however, is also true. If you worry about your health seeking every single ache and pain these will be exacerbated. The key to good health is what you tell yourself about your health whatever your condition is. Your thoughts are the primary causes of what happens to your body. Maintain a level of confidence about your health even when things appear otherwise and you will soon be restored to the balance of good thoughts and good health.

The principles in Kabbalah and in your everyday lives are the same. It is a matter of matching your focus with the intended outcome. When you do this the relationships will come of their own and be surprising as well as enlightening.