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The floor is jelly

Platforming games have always held a rage-inducing or calming concentration section of a player's heart. Whether it was back when Mario was the master of all, or when heinously difficult titles like Super Meat Boy took the spotlight. Well, welcome to a charmingly beautiful title that happens to be both difficult but incredibly lovely. This is "The Floor is Jelly."

Players pop into existence as a little bouncing character in this 2-D platformer, who must navigate the extremely colorful and fluid moving world. The land banks are purples and blues. Yellow and orange trees bloom and bend with the force the little protagonist must use in order to proceed to the next level. The simple design layout and the almost meditative soundtrack make for a great play. The tiny protagonist must bounce over obstacles, avoid spikes, and guide friendly snakes to their resting places in order to progress.

Though the distance of the little jumper can cause falling deaths, the game does not keep track of death totals and respawns the player at a nearby safe zone to try again. This is a title that appears worth the try.

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