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The Floirida Spacecoast Area

NASA KSC Assembly Building
NASA KSC Assembly Building
J. Keith Sowell

Well I finally made the move to the Florida Spacecoast next to Kennedy Space Center which I can see, three blocks from my house and across the Indian River, an Atlantic Ocean sea inlet, between Merritt Island and Titusville, where my new home is located. Six miles away is the Regional Spacecoast Airport which has applied to become Florida's first Spaceport for launching aircraft like spaceships to take passengers into space.

Rocket Crafters Inc. has set up a base at the soon to be Spaceport and the city is building a new manufacturing facility for Rocket Crafters to use in building rockets, rocket engines, space planes and other space related hardware. Boeing just recently won the contract to use the old shuttle landing strip to process the X Plane that has been in space over a year and also the #2 replacement space plane.

There are several good Universities around the Brevard County area which consist of KSC, Cape Canaveral, Titusville Regional Spaceport, Florida Institute of Technology located in both Melboune (Main Campus) and the Titusville Spaceport Extended Studies Campus. The Extended campus holds classes in Masters in Space Systems and Masters in Commercial Space degrees.

Now that I am in a better Aerospace reporting area because of my home location, I hope to write more articles about Aircraft and Space. I am making a trip out to San Diego California in a few days to be at my Daughters Wedding, and I plan to visit the San Diego Aerospace Museum. I will have photos and news to share about my trip and experiences at the Museum.

As always I will try to report on any new aerospace news in the Spacecoast Area next to KSC, Cape Canaveal and the Titusville Regional Spacecoast Airport and Spaceport.