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The Flight Of The Eagle

A magnificent Eagle soars above the din
A magnificent Eagle soars above the din

Sometimes, the storms of life make us feel like we just got kicked into the dirt.

I found myself there face down, yesterday.

I have been struggling for sometime with a couple of issues and somehow I had managed to paint myself into a corner where I felt isolated, dashed and frustrated.

Then yesterday I saw this picture and was somehow drawn to the Eagle flying amidst the remains of a storm and I began to write, not knowing what would be the end result, not knowing anything.

Frustration seemed to mount with every word, till I thought for a time that I would just give it up.

Yet it was right then that I realized that God was speaking something to me through the poem He was giving me of an Eagle.

I persisted word after word, stanza after stanza, again not knowing until that moment when my heart knew that God had spoken His indelible message to me; "My Grace is sufficient for you." He said.

Every day, "My Grace is sufficient for you."

As I composed the poem below I realized that the Eagle in the story was me and the struggles that I was facing had not gone unnoticed by God.

I focused on the Eagle as I wrote, flying high above it all and somehow an almost tangible peace began to descend upon me.

I began to view my struggle through the Eagle's eyes and in my mind's eye far above the confusing din, suddenly I was aware that I was gaining a unique perspective on the matters at hand.

The road I"m on is not unlike the road that many of us find ourselves on in this life.

This road that I have been traveling is the one that God put me on and I was reminded yesterday, that no matter what things may look like, no matter how frustrating things can seem right now, there is something in the offing... something wonderful that God Himself, is moving me toward.

There is great freedom in the knowing that I am not walking this road alone, for as I was reminded yesterday, no matter what, God is and has always been with me.

Suddenly, I was aware that new life and new hope had been breathed into me as peace began to well up at the knowledge that I am walking this road with the One and only God, the Creator of all and no matter what the days ahead may hold, He has a wonderful plan for me and I believe that with all my heart.

Moreover, He has a wonderful plan for all of us, so in the spirit of the peace and new perspective that I found, here is the finished poem.

God Bless you and may you find herein, His blessing, restoration and peace.

"The Flight Of The Eagle"

Early in the morning I lifted and took flight
Through a sky where the storm had left it's remnants
As the sunlit dissipating clouds
Were all that were left of the fight

I looked down to see others of my kind
As they cleared away their debris
And I was humbled and I marveled at their strength
Till the Spirit of God whispered “They find their strength in Me.”

“My Lord, “I asked.
“What now will they do?”
I could feel Him smiling and then He said,
“My Grace is sufficient for them and their hearts know this truth.”

“I will supply all their needs
Through my Son Jesus the Christ who has saved them all
I will provide everything
They are Mine and I will not allow them fall."

Then the Lord whispered again to me.

“Every morning that you take flight, it is I, who sends you out to survey
I've planned your life out to the very moment, when I will call you home one day
Till then stay close to Me, in all I send you to do
And worry not My beloved, nor wonder at your purpose
For My Love for you endures forever and My Grace is sufficient for you.”

Paula Katherine Prince-Meserole

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