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The Flash's new look and fake Batman pictures

Rumors and costumes are falling around everywhere. Yesterday I wrote about the leaked pictures of the Ben Affleck's Batman suit. Today we hear for sure, or so they tell us, that those photos are fakes. We are still hoping for a new 52 looking batman with white out eyes, hint hint DC. We do know that there was a photo shoot with Steven Simko. Simko is known for his work in magazines. So now rumors have it that the first Ben Affleck Batman picture will be a magazine cover. Way to make profit DC.
But in other costume news. This morning we got to see a full picture of The Flash's costume for the upcoming CW show. The costume is designed by award winning Colleen Atwood. Atwood also designed Stephen Amell’s Arrow costume. The outfit looks to be made of leather and mesh. It looks kinda like the texture of the new Superman costume. It's some what darker than some of Flash's previous costumes, but seems keep it pretty classic right down to the lighten bolt accents.
Which are you move excited about, Flash's costume or Batman's? Will you buy the magazine that will be dawning the Dark Knight?

The Flash's new look
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